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Basic Editing Services (2 hrs)

We make up to 2 edits to your session or file or for example an alternate bounce such as an acapella version or muting an adlib track and then we re-print the final mix and deliver to you via an email link. (Estimated turnaround time - 48 hours.)

  • Price $75.00
Customize / Special Requests (2 hrs)

Call for Quote

  • Price $150.00
Mastering (2 hrs)

We ensure that the volume is the industry standard and make any necessary adjustments to EQ, comp, stereo widening, etc. improve sound quality, for your live show, in your car, or on headphones. 
If you are adding Mastering to your session, you will receive a link to the mastered version by email within 2 days.
Mastering is done mainly in the digital domain. However, if your project requires traditional mastering, which delivers superior quality results, please contact us here (insert email hyperlink) for a price quote.
Simply select the number of tracks you want to master and you will receive

  • Price $75.00
Multitrack / Mixtape (2 hrs)

We will mix your multi-track (tracked-out stems) song up to 20 tracks plus vocals - includes vocal fix/align for $150. Additional tracks = $25/ 5 tracks. 
You will receive an upload link when you complete your purchase and you can upload your tracks to us along with direction/comments or reference tracks. Includes one revision (one comment and corresponding adjustment by the engineer)

  • Price $150.00
Production (2 hrs)

We create a final mix from your rough mix. The product will be limited by the quality of your source beat/instrumental so when tracking vocals please try to submit to us as clean and clear a .wav or .MP3 (beat) instrumental as possible.
If you recorded your song at home or elsewhere, you will need to export the instrumental (beat) stereo track and each vocal track from the DAW you used (Logic, FrootyLoops, Reason, etc.) All tracks should be exported from zero on the time line (session start) and should be clearly labeled. You will receive an upload link when you complete

  • Price $100.00